Hello friends! 

Happy new year to each of you!  I am so excited for what this new year is bringing in ministry and in general life.  As some of you know, I left the road in full time singing ministry earlier last year to focus more on the ministry my father started in Washington DC some years ago.  I am still singing a lot, but not 5 days a week, every week.  Through God's graceful leading, I have taken a full time director position at Hope To The Hill in Washington DC ministering daily to our wonderful elected officials in Washington DC.  The pay is not much, but the rewards are greater than money could ever be.  Leading precious souls to Christ is what we are about and I am grateful to take part in this ministry.  I ask that you would be praying for our ministry in Washington that God would grant us great triumphs.  You can visit the website for HTTH here at www.hopetothehill.com.    

Dad and I are so excited to be heading back to the country of England in February for another wonderful conference with the college age crowd.  It is always so encouraging to see young people in such a dark world who are shining their light for Jesus.  I beckon you to pray that God would bring souls to him during the daily street evangelism that will be going on and nightly times of worship and preaching.  This is a missions trip for both dad and I, so I also ask that you pray that God would provide the funds necessary as He always does.   

​I pray that each of you would be drawn closer to the Lord in this new year and that God would bless you in a very special way.