A neglect for the truth

In current popular Christian culture there is an underlying tone today of unconscious christianity.  A composite nature of relaxed living.  Typically it is seen in the way we live, yet more and more it is being preached from the pulpit in these troublesome days we live in.  It once was prosperity gospel that had taken the church by storm, yet today it is something completely different.  A gospel of love without the justice of a Holy God.  While it is true that the Gospel is about love, there is more beyond that itself.  We have missed the entire point of the Gospel.  A suppliment to God's justice.  Someone to pay the price of sin. I.E. Jesus.  God's incredibly perfect justice requires that there be payment for the sin of man.  Though God is love and gives HIs love to us, this does not negate the fact that God is still the Lion, and that He is a just God.  This whole idea that God is so full of love that He would never or could never send someone to a place called hell is a lie from the pit of hell itself.  Anytime someone says to me that they believe that God could never do something when the scripture clearly says He will, I quiver in fear that they have turned to relativism.  This idea that God tells people things that do not aligned with His word is scary, yet so many in the church today especially in my generational church have been swindled by this idea.  Where does this line of thought end and when will Christians begin to thwart this kind of false teaching?  My young friends, I beg of you to listen to wise council (those who have been around for a long time and are students of the scripture).  Just because something is old does not mean it is wrong.  Perhaps we in our young minds have so pridefully thought that we know better than the great saints of God? I have been so convicted in my own being that I have been prideful and I ask you to look at yourselves just as I do daily.  The truth; God's truth is never changing and God's voice will never conflict with His Word.  


Pardon the bad grammer if there is any, as I have typed this from my cell phone in the car. =)

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