An Update Letter

 As I write this letter to you my friends, I am sitting at my kitchen table listening to music for a new project in Nashville. The song is called "The Love of Christ". I was thinking about what that means as I am going into the production of this new record project. His love is an incredible thing. That is really in essence my anthem. Loving people so that they may see Christ through me. Whether it is through my music, or my life, I want people to see Jesus. That is my goal and purpose. Songs that uplift the body of Christ. This new project is so exciting for me! I am entering into a new realm of music that is so different, but has been a blessing. I wanted to write you all and let you know a little bit about my goals and dream that the Lord has laid upon my heart. When the opportunity arose to work with Don Koch, I was a bit hesitant and wanted to spend some time praying and seeking the Lords face. After about two weeks of doing so, I decided with the help of prayer from friends and family that the Lord was leading in this direction. Since that point, the Lord has continued opening doors for me. I am so thankful for that. There are three things you all can do to help me with this new endeavor. First I covet your prayers for me and those who are working with me on this project that we be selfless in our attitudes, loving in our nature, and fervent in our continuing work. Secondly, if you feel led to help financially with this project, you can do so. We are just short of our current goal for this weeks deadline. Our next deadline will be in July. We will need about $10,000 at that point and then about $10,000 in September. Anything you feel led to help with is so helpful for this project. Whether it is $10, $20 or even $500 it doesn't matter the amount. It all goes towards the goal. The third thing I ask of you is to share this project with others and share the vision. My vision is to see people saved and touched by this music. I want you all to be a part of this with me no matter what. If you cannot help financially, that is no problem at all. I just ask for your prayers! One last thing I would ask for is your feedback. I want to know what you all think. A letter, email or even a phone call would be so very welcomed. I am searching for Gods will for my ministry and your feedback helps me in finding this out. My dream is that God allow me a wider value of influence for His glory so that people may be saved. This is my dream. I hope you can catch it as well!

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