Dealing With Pain

I have spent much of my young life reading on pain and suffering from many viewpoints and angles.  Much of my college experience was dealing with the issue at hand.  However you may feel about Lewis, or Nietzsche, there is still things we can learn from both of these men and their life experiences.  I read Nietzsche a good bit over the years and could definitely parallel much of my experience in life with what he talked about, yet I found that he was living in a place of self pity and anger without hope for the rest of life to come.  Lewis has many of the same experiences as Nietzsche yet we see a very different outcome as far as his attitude while seeing true peace with the things that have happened in his life.  I say all of that to say this, that life comes down these two things. It comes down to who you know and your attitude. Who you know you say? Yes, who you know. The biggest difference between these two men is the God Lewis knew as opposed to the god Nietzsche didn't believe in.  With God there is hope and peace that Lewis at the end of the day could say he had.  Our other friend Nietzsche could not say the same for his life.  When you have truly met God in a real way (I like to call it a conversion experience), you will have the most real and evident peace.  I'm not saying you won't have troubles in this life.  On the contrary, you may have more than most people but at the end of the day you can and should be able to say "It is well with my soul".  Secondly, your attitude is everything.  There are days when I don't feel like getting up and moving forward in the day.  I have to choose to make today a good day and be a help to others on this day!  I don't know what others are dealing with and I could potentially be the change in their life.  We don't know who we will touch on a daily basis.  As a child of God I am called to be the light to the world and why would anyone want to be like me if I am no different than they are?  So today, I challenge you to be the change in someone's life.  If you don't know this Jesus, then I hope you meet Him.  As my best friend says so much, "To be ninety-nine percent sure, could mean you are one hundred percent lost".  I hope you know that you KNOW that you are changed completely.  With that being said, have a good attitude and you can be the change! I pray for you my friends that God would bless you.


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